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Perhaps a short discussion of exactly how the frames work is the best way to introduce you to them.

The principles of operation are exactly the same for both models. Both have 1/2" thick pin-guard sticks on the sides which, as you will see, come into play in mounting your backing. In addition, the lap model also has pin guards on the laterals for the protection of the pins during travel. A couple of words regarding the pins before we go any further - the pins are made of hardened steel so they will not bend, and are spaced 1 and 1/2" apart around the edges of the harp. Having a diameter of 1/16" and a smooth, rounded top, the exposed 1/2" length of the pins is neatly covered by the matching thickness of the pin-guard sticks.

Referring to the drawings, the frames are designed to allow you to place any part of your rug over the working area (whether it is already hooked or bare) and make it taut to facilitate easy hooking. 


Model Floor Frame Lap Frame Lap Frame Stand
Hooking Area 9" by 22" 8" by 16" Not Applicable
Average Weight 6 pounds 3.25 pounds (folds to only 2.25" high) 4 pounds
Hooking Area Height Variable from 27" to 35" above the floor Variable from 4" to 9" above lap Same as floor model

Pictures of Floor Frame:

mvc-021f.jpg (37863 bytes) mvc-001f.jpg (45778 bytes)

(Click on the image to make it larger)


At last, a frame designed to keep your backing taut as a drum skin, whether hooked or bare, and at the same time allows for quick and easy movement of your rug without pulling loops or causing any damage to your already hooked areas.

Punching requires the backing material to be extra taut with more support points at the edges - and that's what this frame provides.

The Anderson pin floor frame has been a popular seller since it's introduction in 1992. Now with some modifications and additions, it has been tested and tweaked by the leaders in the punch hooking field. Amy Oxford , the "guru" of the punchers world, the inventor of the world famous Oxford Punch Needle and author of many books on punching, did the final testing and has now endorsed it 100% with these words "Your frame is working beautifully. It is a pleasure to use and I really love it" ! (May 2008)

So– now gone are the days of having to build your own frame out of shipping crate lumber, or whatever, with carpet tack strips and nails to try and keep your rug taut. Instead, replace it with the furniture grade stand shown below, at a very economical price, which will be a handsome addition to any family decor - and most importantly, will allow you to do your very best work.

The dimensions/specifications and usage instructions for the "puncher" are basically the same as my regular floor frame as listed above. As can be seen in the pictures above , there are many more support pins -136 instead of 42 as on the regular frame . The pins are ˝ inch apart and extend out 3/4 of an inch, better to hold the thicker rugs. The tensioning levers, locking cleats and friction washers on the ends of the round lateral ensure that the pressures of punching will not loosen the tension on your backing material. The price for the "puncher" is $165 US (Canada $185), which again includes the shipping cost.

And now, due to its ever increasing popularity, the "puncher" is also available in the ultra-portable lap frame with the same dimensions as the traditional model. The price for the lap "puncher" is $135 US (Canada $155).

Special-order "oversize" models of the floor and lap "puncher", as well as the traditional style floor and lap models, are also available. Call or e-mail for particulars and prices.


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Last modified: March 19, 2012